Saturday, 15 October 2011

University update

As you may or may not know i am currently at Uni and I'm studying Biomedicine ! its harder than i thought :(. In this post I'm just going to be giving you an update on Uni and some tips for those who are planning to go Uni or those who are already there. I'm living on campus which means that i have an easy access  to the University. I share   my flat with 8 other students, when i first moved in i found it very daunting and i was scared ! its hard to move in with people that you don't even know ! but here's my advice. Always be sociable even if you are scared of meeting new people try and make the effort to be friends with everyone and anyone, remembering that they could be your future best friends, soul mates or even your husbands or wives ! ;o. Make sure you bring food, that is very key because trust me you will be very hungry, studying makes you hungry lol. Another tip is to manage your money well, although you may be excited about getting your loan remember you have to pay it back ! so don't use your loan to pay for your topshop goodies -_-. Set out payments for things like rent, books, stationary the list goes on but make sure you purchase the important things first. There are soo much tips for Uni but this is just a taster for you, the last tip is to make sure that you revise everything that you have learnt in the lecture, take down notes and pay attention :). Also go over any notes a few days after you have written them, repetition is the key to learning. I've gone on a bit here but i just wanted to give you an insight on theeee uni life.

Jazzy jasmine x.

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