Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Another Portobello post...

Now Jade very kindly gave you an insight of Porto market, i would now like to tell you what i think of this market ( don't worry pictures will be included ). Many people had said great things about this market and had purchased very nice things from there. So me and Jade decided to check it out. This was our first time going there and when i saw it i was amazed, it was colourful and very cultural. However i was not impressed with the shops -_- *insert posh voice here. Most of the vintage shops were closed during the day time and the ones that were open were very expensive it was crazy ! Me and Jade gave the place a chance and looked around a bit to see if we could find anything. To be honest there wasn't much there and we ended up walking to Notting hill ! Also i was nearly robbed by a charity collector person, who insisted that they look at my camera photos *how dare they :o talk about invading privacy. Overall it is a nice place to go to for a day out, but i prefer Camden market if you wanna actually purchase something. Please remember that this is MY opinion of what i think of the place and not facts x.

Helen taking some pics for art.

 Some houses i would like to live in

Porto market

little random shop on the corner :)

 Hope you enjoyed this post...Love Jazzy Jasmine x.

d.i.y denim shorts

Its been a while since I've done a post, but i have been really busy trying to get my self together for UNI -___- ( stressful). But i will be posting more as time goes on. Today you are in for a treat *jk lol. I purchased some vintage jeans from a thrift store ( charity shop if you wanna get technical) they was only £3.75 ! bargain, i really wanted to make some vintage-y looking shorts so i decided to use these jeans, its not really difficult but i thought i would show you how you can cut/make your own. Also if you wanna dye/cut/stud/thread your shorts please feel free to do so. :D 

You will need. Jeans, scisorrs and thats all folks x. 

Start with the jeans of your desire ;p

Lay the jeans down flat and fold them over, start cutting at the desired length. ( remembering that you can roll them up).

After you have cut the jeans they may look a lil strange, but once you've rolled them up they look perfectly normal lol as shown in the image above. The finished result.
This is how i have styled the jeans but once again this is totally optional. I must admit they was a bit tight around the thighs, so i had to cut the jeans at the sides at the bottom, then i rolled them up and they fitted comfortably.
A very funky shot of my shorts lol. This d.i.y only took me a few mins to do and it came out better than i had thought. You can also save money buy cutting/studding/threading your own clothes. Hopefully i will make a habit of pimping my clothes and i will let you know how i get on :0.

love Jazzy jasmine x.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Portobello market

Hi guys so we went to see Portobello market for the first time and well we thought it would be kinda cheap but everything was so expensive it was unbelievable and way out our price range so in the end we went to a charity shop then H&M:)  but sadly Jasmine didn't buy anything but i bought little bits and bobs to show you guys!! :)

h&m £1.99

Lot's of Love Jade

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Camden Market have you ever been there ?

Jazzy Jasmine: Hello there, recently me and my lovely friend Rochelle went on a little adventure across london one of the places we visited was...drum roll please...Camden market. It was my first time going there and i must admit i loved every aspect of it. I love the different fashion ranges that the market had to offer and most importantly i loved the food :). This post has a few pictures of Camden market also pictures of my recent haul- yes there are many more to come lol. I hope you enjoy x.

Random stalls at Camden Market


Doesn't these seats look cool ?

Very nice cupcake lady

Red velvet cup cake

Just one of the vintage stores in Camden

Me trying to pose =)

The non-alcoholic pina colada

Woop woop

That was just a taster of what it was like hopefully one day you can visit there also ! Now i will be posting pictures of some of the things i have bought recently.

Camden market originally £10.00 but i argued it down to £6.00

Vintage glasses £2.99

Vintage dress Camden market -sale £5.00

Both necklaces Camden market £5.00

Necklace made by my auntie :)

Friendship bracelet 99p
Vintage sleeveless jacket- Charity shop £5.00 * i cut the sleeves off myself :)

Vintage bag £4.99- Charity shop

Jasmine x.o.x

Friday, 2 September 2011


SCARF 7.99/CARDIGAN 14.99/ PEACH TOP 4.99  all H&M  
Jeans MOTO at topshop (old)
suede Ankle booties new look 24.99


saying goodbye to summer

Dorothy Perkins (last year)
Lots of love Jade

Let's kick start Autumn/winter fashion starting with coats

As its beginning to get colder now your gonna have to cover up. ( But what i don't get is why do people wear very short shorts with no coat or jumper it just boggles my mind sometimes.)

Finding the right coat is hard and you want a really good one too, so save up and go to ZARA/ miss selfridges/ new look or H&M honestly it will save you a great deal of money for the future.

These were bought about less than 2 years ago and there still going strong. Hope you like it. ;)

New look
New Look / miss selfridges
its sweet/ simple  and casual and they don't make me look small which is a thumbs up. 

Lots of love Jade

Buy of the month

New Look - suede ankle booties 24.99 just bought so you can still get it now.

   New Look 2.99 new so it's still in stores
 accessorize 8.00 but it was a buy 2 get one free thing
 Dorothy Perkins - sale £2.00 (same as jasmine's)

plus i'm officially broke but it was worth it ;)

Lot's of Love Jade