Wednesday, 28 September 2011

d.i.y denim shorts

Its been a while since I've done a post, but i have been really busy trying to get my self together for UNI -___- ( stressful). But i will be posting more as time goes on. Today you are in for a treat *jk lol. I purchased some vintage jeans from a thrift store ( charity shop if you wanna get technical) they was only £3.75 ! bargain, i really wanted to make some vintage-y looking shorts so i decided to use these jeans, its not really difficult but i thought i would show you how you can cut/make your own. Also if you wanna dye/cut/stud/thread your shorts please feel free to do so. :D 

You will need. Jeans, scisorrs and thats all folks x. 

Start with the jeans of your desire ;p

Lay the jeans down flat and fold them over, start cutting at the desired length. ( remembering that you can roll them up).

After you have cut the jeans they may look a lil strange, but once you've rolled them up they look perfectly normal lol as shown in the image above. The finished result.
This is how i have styled the jeans but once again this is totally optional. I must admit they was a bit tight around the thighs, so i had to cut the jeans at the sides at the bottom, then i rolled them up and they fitted comfortably.
A very funky shot of my shorts lol. This d.i.y only took me a few mins to do and it came out better than i had thought. You can also save money buy cutting/studding/threading your own clothes. Hopefully i will make a habit of pimping my clothes and i will let you know how i get on :0.

love Jazzy jasmine x.

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