Thursday, 8 September 2011

Camden Market have you ever been there ?

Jazzy Jasmine: Hello there, recently me and my lovely friend Rochelle went on a little adventure across london one of the places we visited was...drum roll please...Camden market. It was my first time going there and i must admit i loved every aspect of it. I love the different fashion ranges that the market had to offer and most importantly i loved the food :). This post has a few pictures of Camden market also pictures of my recent haul- yes there are many more to come lol. I hope you enjoy x.

Random stalls at Camden Market


Doesn't these seats look cool ?

Very nice cupcake lady

Red velvet cup cake

Just one of the vintage stores in Camden

Me trying to pose =)

The non-alcoholic pina colada

Woop woop

That was just a taster of what it was like hopefully one day you can visit there also ! Now i will be posting pictures of some of the things i have bought recently.

Camden market originally £10.00 but i argued it down to £6.00

Vintage glasses £2.99

Vintage dress Camden market -sale £5.00

Both necklaces Camden market £5.00

Necklace made by my auntie :)

Friendship bracelet 99p
Vintage sleeveless jacket- Charity shop £5.00 * i cut the sleeves off myself :)

Vintage bag £4.99- Charity shop

Jasmine x.o.x

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