Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Another Portobello post...

Now Jade very kindly gave you an insight of Porto market, i would now like to tell you what i think of this market ( don't worry pictures will be included ). Many people had said great things about this market and had purchased very nice things from there. So me and Jade decided to check it out. This was our first time going there and when i saw it i was amazed, it was colourful and very cultural. However i was not impressed with the shops -_- *insert posh voice here. Most of the vintage shops were closed during the day time and the ones that were open were very expensive it was crazy ! Me and Jade gave the place a chance and looked around a bit to see if we could find anything. To be honest there wasn't much there and we ended up walking to Notting hill ! Also i was nearly robbed by a charity collector person, who insisted that they look at my camera photos *how dare they :o talk about invading privacy. Overall it is a nice place to go to for a day out, but i prefer Camden market if you wanna actually purchase something. Please remember that this is MY opinion of what i think of the place and not facts x.

Helen taking some pics for art.

 Some houses i would like to live in

Porto market

little random shop on the corner :)

 Hope you enjoyed this post...Love Jazzy Jasmine x.

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