Thursday, 25 August 2011

Heartbroken ♥ ?

Jasmine: This is just my advice for those who have had to deal with heartbreak :'(. Unfortunately many of us girls and also many boys ( yes i said it) had to deal with the heartbreak. oooooh how it hurts lol. Seriously eating ice cream and watching rom coms and love dvds doesn't really help the situation. Although it does make us feel slightly better it doesn't heal the heart. Dealing with heartbreak is a very long process and takes a lot of your personal time. At the beginning of the relationship you may have felt that he or she was the one for you, and everything was great so you thought -_-. But as time went on different situations had occurred and things just wasn't working out for the both of you...unless he/she was a cheater but that's a whole different story because that would hurt ALOT !. Anyways lets just skip a few months, years whatever down the relationship line and BANG the relationship ends, and all your left with is a broken heart :( . The question is how do we heal this heart ? well the feeling people normally get once they have had their heart broken is a sinking, deep feeling when you feel like you are lost and no one is around to help you. For some people they cry as a way of letting go of their emotions which is fine but only for a very short amount of time !. My advice is to try and analyse the situation in a reasonable way, the less you think about it the less you are likely to become an emotional wreck. A recap of the relationship might be a bit emotional for some but for others it is a way of getting closure and letting go of the past. I know many people may think how do i let go of the past ? and i must admit it will not be easy but it really does help in a situation like this. Try to focus on other important factors in your life which can block out the hurt that you are currently feeling. There will always be constant reminders of the relationship that you once had but try to replace those thoughts with something else and eventually you will not think about the heartbreak as much as you did in the first stages.For those who have had a very long relationship they may feel even more emotional and sensitive to this situation. But fear not as there is help around, Talking to a friend is a great benefit because it allows you to get things off your chest and they can offer you the support and love you need at a time like this. Also spending time with your friends will help to take your mind off things. You may want to keep it to yourself and keep it bottled up because you feel worthless, unattractive, fat the list goes on for girls ( because we are emotional), urmmm but letting it all out is better for you. This is my own opinion on this issue and may not apply to everyone but i feel that heartbreak does take up a lot of time when you could be focusing on better things, i'm not saying it's gunna be an easy path but being miserable and emotional is ruining your childhood, teenage-hood your life !. MOVE ON ! you have a life ahead of you and there is plenty more fish is the sea- current world population : aloooooooot of people lol i wont go into numbers but you get the idea. So cheer up my fellow heartbroken people there is hope for you even for the single people :D. I hope this will be helpful for a good read and remember to love yourself first before loving others x.

Jasmine x.o.x.o

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