Thursday, 25 August 2011

Introduce yourself


Jade&Jasmine is our blog names, our real names are Helen (Jade) and Naomi (Jasmine). The reason we had chosen these names is because we had a random moment and felt like choosing them. We are best friends going back to the year of 2004 (yeaaaaaaah baby) where we met at secondary school. We both shared interests in fashion and beauty, so we decided to create this joint blog. This blog will include the normal beauty stuff that you see on blogs such as reviews, Beauty tutorials and much more....But the difference between this blog and other blogs is that Helen is Chinese and Naomi is of mixed ethnicity (but i'm not east Asian), which makes our blog even more special. This is helpful because we create the similar looks with different face shapes and skin tones. Another thing is that we have different skin types so our reviews would be more fair and we can have more opinions rather than isolating it to one.  

Along with beauty and fashion we have a great interest in food, and having our mixed backgrounds we have a good knowledge of recipes for you guys to try out!! Also we like giving advice and every now and then we will post topics that most teenagers/adults deal with in day to day life.

We hope you enjoy our blog and if you have any questions please feel free and send us an email or how ever you do it lol or post anything, we will be happy to answer!!

lots of love from 

Jade&jasmine :)

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